Minerals Unit Study

ONLY $7.95 - SAVE 20% OFF reg. price of $9.95 -- This Unit Study on Minerals will help you dig into the amazing and vast world of minerals that are significant in many parts of the Bible. (typically for Grades 5-8 but adaptable to other grades and ages). Students will enjoy lessons that include: Reading, Educational Videos, Bible Study, Science, Arithmetic, Geography, Vocabulary & Spelling, Art, a Puzzle, and Other Fun Facts and Activities. Students will appreciate how astounding and how important minerals can be in grasping spiritual lessons in Scripture. The parables and character-building lessons provide a greater understanding of how God uses His Creation to teach vital truths that impact our lives. Includes a Teacher’s answer key and a link to the Fall 2019 Digital Edition of Creation Illustrated magazine ($2.99 value)! Enjoy a savings with this downloadable digital PDF Unit Study Lesson.


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