Alpaca Unit Study

ONLY $7.95 - SAVE 20% OFF reg. price of $9.95 -- Explore the many amazing features God has given to Alpacas! From their amazingly soft and warm fleece to the history of how they have been utilized as domesticated animals in the Andes Mountains. Now they are a very popular hobby farm animal that can teach youth and families about animal husbandry. This wonderful Unit Study on the life and usefulness of alpacas will help students understand better these fascinating creatures. (typically for Grades 5-8 but adaptable to other grades). Students will learn many amazing facts and details about alpacas focusing on two main species and how they differ from llamas. The lessons include Reading, Educational Videos, Bible Study, Science, Arithmetic, Geography, Vocabulary & Spelling, Art, a Puzzle, and Other Fun Facts and Activities. Students will gain an understanding of this wondrous part of Creation along with the character-building lessons God intended. Includes a Teacher’s answer key and link to the Fall 2020 digital edition of Creation Illustrated magazine ($2.99 value)! Enjoy a 45% savings with this downloadable digital PDF Unit Study Lesson.


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