Octopus Unit Study

ONLY $7.95 - SAVE 20% OFF reg. price of $9.95 -- Explore the many wondrous characteristics of the octopus that the Creator designed! Their inate abilities to transfor their color, shape, and texture are just some of the unique ways the octopus will amaze students, not to mention the 9 brains this creature has. Their ability to smell and taste from each suction cup is nothing short of a miracle. This captivating Unit Study with inspiring lessons will help students understand the vast abilities of God's creatures. (typically for Grades 5-8 but adaptable to other grades). The lessons include Reading, Educational Videos, Bible Study, Science, Arithmetic, Geography, Vocabulary & Spelling, Art, a Puzzle, and More. Students will gain an understanding and appreciate the wisdom of their Creator and the character-building lessons He intended to share. Includes a Teacher’s answer key and a copy of the "Obscure Octopus" article from the Summer 2022 edition of Creation Illustrated magazine. You will receive an email with a downloadable PDF that you can print out or scroll through on your computer. NOW ONLY $7.95 - SAVE 20% OFF reg. price of $9.95


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