The Gospel According to a Blade of Grass

The Gospel According to a Blade of Grass According to Holy Scriptures, grass was the first life God created in His new world. It appears to be the foundation for all that lives and breathes on planet earth. In this book you will look at some of the ways of grass and discover that they reveal some of the ways of its Maker. Just a blade of grass? Yes! And a whole host of amazing insights and powerful object lessons! Learn about Wisdom, Thankfulness, Humility, Self-Respect, Service, Salvation, Power for Growth, and Curiosity which are just a few of the 22 character lessons taught from grass! Each 1-page lesson is accompanied by a line drawing of the topic that can be colored in by the reader to help instill the lessons into the individual's character. [$12.95 + S/H $4 (WA tax), US Only]


Creation Illustrated